AGO Film Processor- Beta unit

Included in package

  • 1x 3D printed AGO Film processor
  • 1x 3D printed Rear stand for Universal tank
  • 1x 3D printed Rear stand for all other tanks
  • 1X Sticker template for funnel drilling


Out of stock

Get your AGO from IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ago-film-processor-film-developing-made-easy/coming_soon


This is AGO film processor, a Paterson Supers System 4 tank compatible processor that makes you enjoy your next film developing process.

In order to use AGO, Paterson tank funnel has to be modified by drilling 3 holes into it. You can either drill your funnel yourself or buy one from us.  We will send you drilling instructions.

NB! Funnel modification doesn’t compromise light tightness in any way.


Beta AGO warranty: 
1. If something brakes we will send you replacement
2.You will get new updated version of AGO during IndieGoGo fulfillment
3. Option to opt out and get refund on total amount.


At a monent following processes support time compensation:
1. B&W ilford (other such as Rodinal and HC-110 seem to work also with it)
2. C-41 Tetenal
3. C-41 Bellini
4. C-41 Cinestill


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