Is it possible to rent a camera for less than a week?

Yes, but in this case, the camera will be handed over and returned to Tallinn and handed in hand. We do not rent out cameras by mail for less than a week. You can place an order here (link).

What happens if the camera is lost or broken?

Then the property must be reimbursed on the basis of this market price if the camera cannot be repaired. If it is possible to rescue a broken camera, repair costs must be paid.

Can I travel abroad with the camera?

If we explicitly agree on this separately, then yes. Otherwise not.

What happens if I return the camera later than agreed?

If we have not agreed to extend the rental period in the meantime, compensation must be paid for each day transferred to compensate the next tenant for the time lost.

When will the rental camera arrive?

Within Estonia and Riga the next day, except on Sundays and public holidays. The camera will arrive in Helsinki in one to three days.

Is it possible to get a refund if I cancel my camera order?

If canceled up to 24 hours before the date of the booking, the full amount will be refunded. In case of later cancellation, the money will be redirected to the next order deposit.

Where do you send the cameras?

Besides Estonia we are currently sending cameras to the Riga area in Latvia (postcodes 1000… 1069) and around Helsinki in Finland (postcodes 00100… 00550).

How much is the camera deposit?

The deposit of the cameras is 20% -100% of the market price of the product. Its size depends on both the camera and the client. We are flexible.

Do I also pay the rental fee for the delivery time of the camera?

No, we will deduct the delivery time from the rental price and return this money together with the deposit after the end of the rental period within seven working days.