Mamiya RB67 ProS

The order includes:

  • Mamiya RB67 ProS Body
  • 127mm f / 3.8 lens
  • 50mm f / 4.5 lens
  • Mamiya RB67 120 Film Holder
  • Shutter release
  • Camera User Guide – link
  • Suitcase

From  12,10 - 14,50 day

Day based pricing : Mamiya RB67 ProS
1 - 7 days : 14,50 / Day
7 - 365 days : 12,10 / Day
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The RB67 is Mamiya’s cannon which is a large, heavy and capable camera that captures ten images in 6 × 7 format for one 120 film. Great lenses, the ability to turn the film holder from portrait to landscape without moving the body. The RB67 is a fully mechanical camera with its own nuances, which definitely needs to be read before.

Suitability: professional. The camera is suitable for a person who has previous experience with various cameras, who can use a light meter and has clarified the functions of the buttons on this camera.