Make film developing enjoyable creative experience​

for only 375€

The future of film developing at home

AGO is an affordable film processor that makes you enjoy your next film developing process.


AGO autonomously agitates your films, reminds you when to change chemicals, stores programs for different film-developer combinations and compensates time according to temperature changes. The device is compatible with Paterson Super System 4 development tank system, so you only have to buy one small device to elevate your current setup.

AGO is equipped with a temperature sensor and clever algorithm which adjusts time according to the temperature of the liquid you poured into it. This is done throughout the process.


C-41 processing is no longer so temperature sensitive — you just need to make sure that chemical temperature is between 30 to 38°C.

Paterson Super System 4 tank compatibility enables you to choose a tank size that suits your needs.


You can process up to 8 rolls of 35mm film in one go!

AGO processor can be easily used in vertical or horizontal position.


Horizontal processing saves up to 38% of chemicals. Also, it agitates the film better, which is important for the C-41 process. 

When can I start developing my films with AGO?

Pre-ordering starts in 08.05.2023!

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AGO has currently beta sales campaign,  with the aim to make it better together with the community. In autumn 2023 there will be a crowdfunding campaign.


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“The results were great. And the development time correction worked like a charm. Film came out great.”  



“The results are good. The negative is uniform, neither too dark nor too light.”






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