Looking to make your film developing at home easier?

AGO is compact and capable film processor ideal for home film developing.

You can develop B&W, C-41, E-6 and ECN-2 films with AGO.

The must-have features of AGO Film Processor

Looking to develop your films at home at fraction of the cost?

AGO Film Processor is the first ever time compensation film processor.

Processes you can do with AGO include:

Black & White

The must-have features

How does time compensation work?

AGO uses the compensation graphs published by photochemical manufacturers which set required development times at different temperatures.

 You just pour in the chemicals within the right temperature range. AGO takes care of the rest


AGO continuously monitors the temperature and automatically adjusts the processing time during the process guaranteeing consistent negatives every time. 

Automatic Agitation

Finally a film processor that does the work for you. 


You have the flexibility to adjust the default agitation speed and intervals to your personal preferences.


Smart Alarms

You are notified by a timely alarm when its time to change the chemicals and enter next step of film developing