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Product deliveries start in May 2024.


Product deliveries start in May 2024.



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Introducing REEL- Paper 5,

  • Compatible with Paterson 5 tank and fits up to 8×10 inch paper or film.
  • You can develop RA-4 paper – so-called, rotary tube method
  • You can develop B&W paper- even if you lack the room for trays
  • You can develop large format film- up to 8×10 inch film
  • Not compatible with stain developers when developing film


REEL-Paper 5 Developing Reel

Introducing the REEL-Paper 5—a versatile reel designed to transform your darkroom experience. Compatible with Paterson 5 tanks (and larger), this innovative reel revolutionizes the development of RA-4 paper and large-format films up to 8×10 inches. Now you can develop your paper with the AGO Film Processor with rotary agitation.


Crafted from premium PETG plastic using advanced 3D printing technology, the REEL-Paper 5 offers exceptional durability and chemical resistance, ensuring reliable performance with every use. Its compact design allows for efficient processing without the need for cumbersome trays.


Experience the flexibility of rotary processing with the precision required for RA-4 chemistry. The REEL-Paper 5 also simplifies B&W paper development and empowers you to explore large-format film effortlessly.


Embrace the art of analog photography—a process that goes beyond capturing images to crafting moments of timeless beauty. The REEL-Paper 5 invites you to discover new dimensions in your work, whether you’re developing captivating prints or exploring the unique qualities of large-format film.

Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 11 cm
Compatible formats

Paper, Up to 8×10 film

Compatible tanks

Paterson 5 reel tank, Paterson 8 reel tank


Plastic PETG

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