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Not compatible with staining developers

Not compatible with staining developers



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Introducing REEL- 4×5.


  • It is compatible with Paterson 3 tank and fits 4 sheets of 4×5 film.
  • It is easy to load in the dark and produces evenly developed negatives.
  • Paterson 8 tank can fit two 4×5 reels to develop up to 8 sheets of 4×5 at once.


REEL-4×5 Developing Reel

Discover the REEL-4×5, an exceptional film spiral reel designed for precise development of 4×5 format film in Paterson tanks. Our REEL-4×5—a precision-crafted spiral reel designed for photographers seeking simplicity and reliability in their darkroom workflows.

Compatible with Paterson 3 tanks (and larger), the REEL-4×5 accommodates up to 4 sheets of 4×5 film, making it ideal for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Crafted from high-quality PETG plastic, this reel ensures durability and chemical resistance, essential for the demands of film processing.


Loading and unloading film is straightforward with the REEL-4×5’s smart design, which securely holds film sheets in place for even development. Say goodbye to undeveloped edges and embrace consistent results whether working with black & white, C-41, or E6 color film. The REEL-4×5’s versatility shines in any darkroom setup—whether using inversion, rotary, or standard agitation techniques.


Elevate your analog photography practice with a reel that enhances precision and delivers exceptional detail.

Weight 0,165 kg
Dimensions 13,3 × 11,7 × 11,7 cm
Compatible formats


Compatible tanks

Paterson 3 reel tank, Paterson 5 reel tank, Paterson 8 reel tank (can fit two 4×5 reels)


4 films


Plastic PETG

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